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Learn now to choose the strategy that suits you best

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1. Arbitration

Investors in cryptocurrency around the globe take advantage of the fluctuations in exchange prices to make a profit. This is particularly useful in volatile times. This article will explain what arbitration is and how it works.

What is the secret to success?

Arbitrage is when you transfer cryptocurrency to another exchange. It’s possible to purchase cryptocurrency at a lower price and then sell it at a higher rate. Because price swings can occur very quickly, this activity is vital. Investors must monitor the exchange prices they arbitrate. Portals like Cointrader Monitor or Biscoint Monitor are great resources.

Transactions can sometimes take too long and profits may be lost or reduced if the money is not received at a brokerage in time. Remember the average speed of brokers. Coinext is an example of a company that prioritizes cashout requests. Investors may also be able to use robotic arbitrage. This requires additional education and programming.


Arbitrage is possible due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. They could make large profits from fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrency. You can make substantial gains by using multiple altcoins. These rates can be used for conversion between Bitcoin and other traditional currencies (Real or Dollar, Bitcoin, etc.). Arbitrage with cryptocurrency is a great choice. You have more chances to make a profit due to the large number of cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil and around the world.

Both benefits and risks

Arbitrage is a risky investment that could result in loss. Before you start practicing arbitrage, it is important to thoroughly read and study all information. More information is better.

Trades with exchanges must be trusted. Brokers may not have access to arbitrage funds. This is something worth investigating. Coinext is the only Brazilian exchange that offers insurance to cover your reservations against hacker attacks. Arbitration can make the difference between profit or loss, even though there may not be a significant fee difference between Coinext brokers and Coinext.

There are always problems. This could be a problem such as when hot wallet resources run out during busy days. It is crucial that exchanges are well-versed in arbitration and how they can help you.

All suggestions and questions are welcome. We provide a quick and efficient service to satisfy your needs.


No matter whether an investor invests in cryptocurrency or traditional stock markets, every investor is unique. Warren Buffet is perhaps the most famous investor. He prefers to purchase assets and keep them for an indefinite period of time, or for a longer duration. Crypto investors call this “HODL”. This strategy involves buying cryptocurrencies and holding them for long periods, sometimes even for years, to be used for different purposes. This article will explain what “HODL” is and how it works.

Term origin

It is not clear where this name came from. Many investors sold their Bitcoin assets after Bitcoin reached $ 1000 by December 2013. As more supply became available, further sales drove down the price. To prevent currency appreciation, a Japanese investor decided to not sell any stock. A Japanese investor posted an energetic message on the internet declaring his intention to hold the stock. But then he lost track of time and wrote “I AM HOLDING”. The message quickly became a HODL sensation and was instantly viralized online.

Is there a way to find the answer? Hold Where can I start?

It is smart to consider the potential of any investment, whether it be in stocks, cryptocurrencies, real property, or both. Before you invest, learn about the potential and structure of cryptocurrency. This is fundamentally the principle of fundamental analysis: When a foundation is solid, value increases and grows.

The holder of cryptocurrencies can be an option for people who are able to see its potential and embrace the digital revolution. We have witnessed an increase in the variety and types of digital currency-friendly payment methods, services, and stores year after year. This is a sign that digital currency will be used more frequently than expected, so it makes sense to value it fairly. They won’t miss investment opportunities, and will seize them before they become too costly.

Holda is a good example. It is possible to see a pattern in the history of Bitcoin’s lows and highs. Even in low moments such as this, investors are optimistic about the future. This is the moment holderscan take the chance to invest and aim for the next level. It can be used for many years, even though the old saying “buy low and buy high” is still true. Bitcoin is not an investment that will last a lifetime. Guilherme, Criptomaniacs, did a long-term analysis on the “rainbow charts”, logarithmic scales that were used to value Bitcoin. This showed an upward trend.

Holding Bitcoin made a 37,000% profit. Imagine the investors who bought Bitcoin for a record $ 198 in 2013, and decided to keep it.

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